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Escape Room Brussels
Escape Room Brussels


Up to 25 people can play in the same time in our 5 rooms. In case you are more than that, we are in contact with businesses in 2 minutes' radius 😉

We have four rooms at two locations. The two locations are only 160 meters from each other in the Gare Central - Grand Place - Manneken Pis triangle. Easy to access by train, metro or bus. Located in the middle of town surrounded by restaurants, meeting rooms and bars.

The escape games are widely used among companies to reinforce the bond and cohesion between the colleagues. It can be a good solution to break the ice between the new colleagues, as they have to communicate constantly during an hour and they need all the help from the participants to suceed! It is a perfect combination of problem solving, communication and fun. Regardless the weather, you can come and play every day during the year. No need to worry about the players' age, experience or even tha language they speak. Everybody can participate in the escape games! Nothing is needed to play the game.
It is also a time effective event where the game takes 60 minutes but all together you can finish the event in 1h30 if you have a tight schedule.

Simple and fast. Send us an email with the date/time and the number of people you want to organise the event for and we'll take care of the rest. If there is any special requirements, please mention that, too at: In case of last minute, call us: +32471753917.